Roof age requirements:

 Homes over 25 years old with a shingle roof, homes over 50 years old with any other type of roof and mobile homes over 25 years old must have the roof replaced to be eligible for coverage. To assist policyholders, Citizens has created a Roof Condition Certification form which may be used to certify the eligibility of the roof.


 At Least 3 Years of Remaining Useful Life. If the applicant/policyholder can provide proof demonstrating the roof has at least 3 or 5 years of remaining useful life (regardless of the actual age of the roof) the application may be submitted unbound with the appropriate roof documentation for consideration. The documentation must be a properly executed Roof Condition Certification form.

 James Dunn performs roof certification and roof inspections in St. Petersburg and the Pinellas area.

 James Dunn performs roof inspections in St. Petersburg and the Pinellas area. I am a licensed and fully insured State Certified Roofing Contractor. As a roof inspection company in Pinellas  I inspect:
Predominant Roof and Secondary Roof:

  • Covering Material
  • Roof Age (years)
  • Remaining Useful Life
  • Date of Last Roofing Permit
  • Date of Last Update of a full replacement, partial replacement, %  of replacement and overall condition of roof.

1. Excellent

2. Good

3. Fair

4. Poor

 I look for any visible signs of damage and deterioration.
(e.g. curling/ lifted/ loose/ missing shingles or tiles, sagging or uneven roof deck) to the predominant roof or the secondary roof. I look for any visible signs of leaks to the predominant roof or the secondary roof.

 A roof inspection concentrates on key items in which the insurance companies are interested in. The purpose of the inspection is to determine the approximate age, general condition, and remaining lifespan of these systems.

Roof Certification $60 in St. Petersburg and $70 in North Pinellas County. We will take photos of your Roof and note the state of it. We will research documentation and building permits of your property. We will state the age of your roof and remaining life of it.

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