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James Dunn, Inspections
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State Certified Home Inspector HI-4923
State Certified Roofing Contractor CCC-1326233
State Certified Residential Contractor CRC-1326430

 James Dunn performs four point  home inspections, roof inspections and wind Mitigation inspections in St. Petersburg and the Pinellas area.

 The insurance companies do not want large reports that contain other information. They want only specific information about the HVAC, plumbing, electrical system and roof in a short one or two page signed document by a qualified licensed inspector. Before you pay for a home inspection you should research with your insurance company if they will require a Four Point Inspection Report, Wind Mitigation or roof certification. You can end up paying twice for much of the same service and information gathering.

State Certified Inspector
Our Reports are accepted by all Insurance companies.

Four Point Inspection:
Only $100
The four point inspection and report describes the condition and age of these elements:

  1.     Roof
  2.     Electrical
  3.     HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning)
  4.     Plumbing

Wind Mitigation Inspections:

Only $100

  Wind Mitigation Inspections are a very valuable inspection service that may save you money on your windstorm insurance in Florida.

 Wind Mitigation Inspections are mandatory if you expect to receive any discounts on your wind storm insurance policy. Almost every property has at least one discount that should be applied to their insurance policy, therefore this also is a must have inspection when owning or purchasing a property.

Roof Certification:
Only $80
 A Roof Certification is typically mandated by insurance companies to confirm or determine the life expectancy of your roof. Many times this inspection is required prior to renewal of your policy. Typically insurance companies want 3-5 years of remaining live left in the roof with no leaks present.

Home Inspections for obtaining or renewing insurance for St. Petersburg and Pinellas FL.